Sparks concludes workshops to discuss allowing drive-through windows at marijuana dispensaries

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Drive-thru marijuana dispensaries could become a reality in Sparks.

Tuesday night, the city concluded a series of two workshops discussing the topic.

While city staff and people in the cannabis industry took part in the meeting, many chairs meant to be filled by community members were empty.

According to council member Donald Abbott, it was the same scenario at Monday’s meeting on Zoom, where no members of the community joined the discussion.

The proposal would allow drive-through windows at each of the three dispensaries in Sparks.

Abbot, who requested the workshops says this idea is not just a matter of convenience but safety.

“We’re coming out of COVID, we’re rethinking how businesses have been operating, you know, I think it’s a time to kind of reinvent the wheel,” said Abbott. “Right now, we have an employee of a cannabis dispensary, has to walk out to the parked vehicle, it has already placed an order, bring the product and then take the money and walk back. So, we have cars in the parking lot that the person could get hit, as well as a potential robbery.

Tuesday’s forum touched on stacking requirements, security windows and cameras, and hours of operation.

Abbott says increasing the industry’s revenue, means more money for the city.

“We take the money we make from cannabis industry, we put it to Golden Eagle,” said Abbott. “As well as IT investments so we’re taking that money and investing it right back into the community.”

Supporters of the proposal say this will create more jobs to help staff the drive-through windows.

The next steps are to draft policies, and present them to the planning committee and then the city council.

Abbott says now is the best time to voice your opinion as it will help them utilize the best language for the policies.

If you would like to give your input, you can still do so by contacting the city.

If you have any questions, you can contact or email Abbott at

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